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Do you want your business to appear among the top of organic search results on Google and other search engines? Ndala Consult is the best SEO Agency in Johannesburg, South Africa.  We optimize your website for the most potential keywords that your target audience is searching for.



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SEO South Africa

SEO South Africa

SEO South Africa

SEO South Africa

SEO South Africa

SEO South Africa

SEO Agency in Johannesburg

SEO Agency in Johannesburg

SEO Agency in Johannesburg

SEO Agency in Johannesburg

SEO Agency in Johannesburg

SEO Agency in Johannesburg
SEO Agency in Johannesburg


A website SEO audit serves as the foundation of your SEO plan.

Auditing your website allows our dedicated SEO experts to discover areas of improvement, as well as opportunities for your SEO strategy. That’s why our SEO specialists start with a technical SEO audit before building your plan.

As a part of your SEO audit, this is what your Account Manager will look at:

  • Your website
  • Your website’s analytics
  • Your Google Search Console data
  • And more

For the best results and insight into your website, we use a variety of SEO tools.  

With these resources, we can take a multi-pronged approach to your website SEO audit and provide your organization with a competitive SEO strategy.


Without keyword research, you won’t rank or appear in the search results that have the highest chance of reaching your target audience. 

With any online marketing strategy, including SEO, it’s essential for your business to tailor your efforts to your ideal client or customer.

That’s why keyword research is critical to a successful SEO strategy.

It helps your company reach potential clients or customers by adapting to how they search. 

In your content, like a blog post or sales page, you use the keywords, phrases, or language that your audience does, which optimizes your content and persuades users that your company understands their needs.


Content is what ranks in search engines, so without it, an effective SEO campaign is nearly impossible.

Content creation is based on your keyword research and includes the terms that you deem to be the most important to your business and industry. 

Whether you operate your business online or offline, you can use content to reach and convert your target audience.

There are many kinds of content, from blog posts to online guides, and all are beneficial to your website.

Here are some of the most popular kinds of content and how they can benefit your site visitors.

Blogs: Google loves fresh content, so naturally, blogs are a great option since you update and add to them often. 

Blogs are usually short pieces of content, around 1,000 words or less, that give personal insight into an industry-related topic. 

People love to follow blogs because they contain helpful tips and personalized information for your target customers.

Service pages.  Service pages are pages on your website that detail the services you offer. 

Product pages.  Much like service pages, product pages give descriptions and images of the products that you offer. 

These pages inform users about the specific items that you sell and include information like dimensions, color availability, size availability, ingredients or materials, etc. 

Longform content.  Long form content is content that is over 2,000 words long, and it provides lots of useful, beneficial content to readers about topics related to your industry. 


Whether you’re looking to appear in Google (or other search engines like Bing or Yahoo!), you need to optimize your site for on-page SEO factors.

As your SEO service provider, we take a 360-degree approach to on-page SEO by focusing on:

Page speed.  Users want to have a good experience when they visit your website.  If your page doesn’t load in three seconds or less, you can bet that some users will navigate away from your page.  

Inclusion of multimedia.  Large walls of text on the website is likely to cause users to get bored and disengage.  To avoid this and keep users longer on your website, use elements like images, graphics, and videos. 

Responsive on all devices.  A responsive website ensures that users on smartphones and tablets get the same experience as users on a desktop, 

This means that your pictures look great on a mobile device and that forms are large enough to fill out — even on a small screen. 

Quality of your content.  To receive high quality links, you need to create great quality content.  

You need to ensure that your website provides content with a high word count (Google loves long content), easy readability, fast load speed, and unique information. 

These all send great signals to Google and help you to rank higher in results pages.

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SEO Agency in Johannesburg

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Frequently Asked Questions

The key performance indicators we look at are organic website traffic and search engine rankings. We will track this each month and report it to you.
It can take up to 6-12 months to get on the first page of search engines. This depends on how competitive your industry is and the keywords we are targeting. Our goal would be to show you monthly increases in your organic traffic and rankings.
You will receive monthly SEO reports from us. However, if you need reports more frequently, please let your SEO specialist know and we can send you a report whenever you need it.
We offer initial contract terms of 3 months. After the initial contract term is complete, your account will be serviced on a month-to-month basis. You have the option to cancel at anytime with a 30 day written or digital notice. After 30 days, we will cancel all services and return any information we have back to you.
If you are ready to get started, contact us. One of our sales consultants will help you identify the best plan of action and develop a proposal for you. Upon your approval, we will send you a contract and get your campaign started asap.
We would change technical things on your website, such as coding, tags, and some of the words to include the keywords you want to rank for. However, we would not change the physical design of your website. All of the changes to your website will be ran by you first so that you are aware of what we are doing to your website.

SEO South Africa


The top position in Google is truly a prized location in search and if you can get there, you are going to see a massive increase in site traffic.